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Name recognition on assessments

Provide an export of the documents expected by the university administration.

Easy access to corrected exams for students

Because an exam is about understanding your mistakes and not just giving a grade

Identification of excellent and notable bad answers

In order to generate a sample answer sheet for the students and discuss the wrong answers with the class

Identification of areas of interest in an exam sheet

In order to be able to correct in a horizontal way (all the questions n°1, then all the questions 2)

Different types of scoring and statistics per question

Direct, negative, positive to fit the question you are asking

Comments library per question

Re-apply your comments in 1 click on another student sheet

Project demonstation

(French edition ;)

About the project

Scan, batch grade, be assisted by AI, give accurate feedback to your students, from a PC or a tablet

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    Our first thoughts

    Several Master 1 projects are working on a student exam assessment tool. Architecture on top of eclipse RCP (Java + SWT)

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    March 2022

    Redesign of the project to illustrate the problems of modern Web architecture and to illustrate the coherence and the approach by skills of the Master in Computer Science (Software Engineering) of the University of Rennes

    Didactic support project for several courses of the Computer Science Master of the University of Rennes 1. The code is not written by the students but we take excerpt of code to introduce the devops challenges, WebAssembly, the notion of Web Worker, ...

  • ...

    April 2022

    First tests on two teaching modules

    A teaching module in electronics, a teaching module in computer science (Master Miage), first feedbacks

  • ...

    July 2022

    Phase 2: extension

    Some new features are added, latex, word and openoffice template for the creation of exam statements, translation update, recruitment of new testers, ...

  • ...

    Automn 2022

    Phase 3: consolidation

    New tests at Rennes 1, at Univ Toulouse, add support for MCQ, bug fixes, ...

  • ...

    Spring 2023

    Phase 4: Feedbacks from users

    Improve ergonomics, performances, architecture, University IS integration, over 85 pull request since the beginning of January ...

  • ...

    Summer 2023

    Phase 5: Answer Groups, ...

    Grade groups of similar answers at once (CorrectExam automatically forms groups for you to review.), improve performances, module import/export, standalone version (to host everything on your own laptop), ...

  • Come and
    with us!

Technical architecture

“If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likeable person: respectful, generous and helpful.” — Alan Cooper, Software Designer and Programmer

To develop for the backend (Java + native compilation through GraalVM)
To provide a clean frontend architecture based on Web Components
PrimeNG: Over 80 Angular UI Components with top-notch quality to help you implement all your UI requirements in style.
To fastly design your Web app interface.
To support pdf documents
To draw on top of pdf documents
Opencv in wasm within a web worker
To analyse the scan (align it, crop it, ...)
AI with Tensorflow JS
To recognise student name, student firstname and student ID
Docker and K8S
To deploy the back and the monitoring layer
Front hosted in a CDN
To follow the JamStack architecture (currently github page)
To deploy new versions
Pluggable architecture based on micro-services
To integrate new "question type" with assisted correction (let developper use their own programming language to provides solutions that automatically correct some questions)
Based on a generative approch: JHipster
To quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures.

Our Amazing Team

A processor designer, an electrician specialized in the field of microwaves, two guys who design software with boxes and arrows (aka UML)... you take your own risks


Steven Derrien

Product Owner


Sophie Allain-Baillache

Early adopter, functional tests and evangelist


Olivier Barais

Software architect and Lead Developer


Arnaud Blouin

Latex template, UX expert and full-stack developer


Juliette Arnaud



Antoine Dupuis

Software Developer/Authentification Architect

Teamwork is essential. If you make a mistake, you can blame someone else 😀.